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MaxGiving Data Management is a powerful fundraising event database software. It offers nonprofits a comprehensive 360° view of fundraising events, which means that organizations can easily access and analyze multiple fundraising data points.

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You are a busy nonprofit

You need a data management system that works

MaxGiving's Data Management is an advanced software that allows nonprofits to manage their data more efficiently. It is essential for any nonprofit organization looking to achieve long-term success through fundraising!

Supporter management and tracking

Our platform offers nonprofits the ability to uniquely manage their supporters, volunteers, and participants from the same database record. This ensures more efficient fundraising and builds exponential growth.

Powerful auction tools

MaxGiving fundraising data management software utilizes powerful auction tools to help maximize fundraising success and track auction items. With the integrated auction checkout module, nonprofits can quickly and accurately record all live and silent bids at their fundraising event and keep donations organized.

No subscription fees

We offer a one-time software license fee for our fundraising event data management software. This allows organizations to gain access to this powerful fundraising database without having to worry about future subscription fees!

Comprehensive reports and documentation

Our fundraising event software offers comprehensive documentation tracking, providing convenient access to records and reports. Additionally, documentation stored securely on MaxGiving servers helps ensure accurate record-keeping and compliance with government regulations.

Invoicing and receipting

The MaxGiving platform provides nonprofits the ability to produce and distribute all invoices and receipts required to maximize revenue collection and comply with legal requirements.

Sister Schools: Opening Eyes and Changing Lives

Sister Schools: Opening Eyes and Changing Lives

Sister Schools is a unique nonprofit organization with education and connection at the heart of its mission. Since 1989, Sister Schools has been making an impact in the lives of schoolchildren across the globe.  The mission of Sister Schools is


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