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MaxGiving provides fantastic fundraising event management tools to raise money for your nonprofit. We have experience helping a wide range of organizations raise money, including educational, humanitarian, historical, recreational, environmental organizations, and more. We are proud to have stepped in and provided fundraising solutions to these valuable organizations.

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MaxGiving offers a range of fundraising event tools and services that enable organizations to easily manage, track, and optimize all types of fundraising events and campaigns. Start your free trial today and see how these powerful features can help you reach and exceed your fundraising goals.

Online donation forms

With MaxGiving, you can easily set up online donation forms to accept donations from anywhere in the world. In addition to one-time gifts, our fundraising event platform for nonprofits also offers recurring donation options that enable donors to donate on a regular basis.

Event registration and ticketing

MaxGiving provides event registration and ticketing tools to help you plan and manage your fundraising events. Our fundraising event software makes it easy to accept donations, generate tickets, and track attendance in real-time. Our comprehensive suite of tools also helps you set up volunteer opportunities, collect data on donors and sponsors, and much more.

Custom donation pages

MaxGiving's donation pages create an engaging and personalized experience for potential donors. With our intuitive page builder, customizing your fundraising event and donation page is a breeze — no coding required! However, if you'd like more advanced editing options, CSS capabilities are supported.

Sister Schools: Opening Eyes and Changing Lives

Sister Schools: Opening Eyes and Changing Lives

Sister Schools is a unique nonprofit organization with education and connection at the heart of its mission. Since 1989, Sister Schools has been making an impact in the lives of schoolchildren across the globe.  The mission of Sister Schools is


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