Why You Must Absolutely Use a Fundraising Thermometer and Where to Get One

Why You Must Absolutely Use a Fundraising Thermometer and Where to Get One

Fundraising thermometers work. Maybe they seem like a silly relic from your grade school fundraising days, but they remain a simple yet incredibly effective tool for any audience. 

You can find a free fundraising thermometer online, but rather than using tools that weren’t built to work together, choose a comprehensive online fundraising platform with a built-in thermometer for seamless integration. 

Here’s why you absolutely need a goal thermometer and how to use it to help your next fundraising campaign soar past your donation goal. 

What is a fundraising thermometer?

Fundraising thermometers are visual aids used to track and display a nonprofit organization’s progress toward its fundraising goal. The thermometer can be set to any amount, and the bar on the thermometer rises as donations come in. 

The fundraising thermometer has been around for a while, but it’s still an effective tool for keeping supporters engaged and motivated. It is especially beneficial for crowdfunding campaigns, where you receive small donations from many different donors. 

With a built-in fundraising thermometer, you can show donors exactly how their contribution will help your organization reach its goal.


Benefits of using a fundraising thermometer

Instant visual of your fundraising progress

Fundraising thermometers provide a very real visual reminder to you and your supporters of how close you are to your goal. Depending on which one you pick, they can be easy to share via email, text message, or social media, so you can reach even more people with the message that “we’re almost there!”

Increased engagement and motivation

Fundraising thermometers can help keep your supporters engaged by showing them how their collective efforts are making a difference. Seeing the progress of the fundraising goal is an incredibly motivating factor for many people, so having a visible representation of that progress can be immensely beneficial. 

Improved fundraising results

Fundraising thermometers are excellent for boosting the success of your fundraising event. By providing a visual representation of how much money has been raised and how close you are to achieving your goal, supporters are more likely to donate or become more involved in the cause. Donors start to give more when a fundraiser nears its goal. One study saw donations increase once fundraisers reached 60% of their target donations.

Increased visibility

Fundraising thermometers are great for spreading the word about your cause. By having a fundraising thermometer on your fundraising event website and sharing your site in promotional emails or on social media, you can increase visibility for your organization and inspire potential donors to find out more information about your cause. 

Real-time updates

Fundraising thermometers make it easy to keep your supporters up-to-date on your organization’s progress. You’ll want an online fundraising thermometer that updates automatically as donations come so everyone can keep track of donations in real-time.


Where to get a fundraising thermometer

When looking for a fundraising thermometer, it’s important to find one that works with an all-in-one fundraising event management platform. This will ensure that your thermometer integrates seamlessly with the other tools you need for running your nonprofit fundraiser, such as ticketing and donation collection.

Additionally, look for a platform with built-in analytics so you can track the progress of your fundraising efforts. This progress tracking also helps you better understand what tactics and messaging works best with your existing supporters. 

A nonprofit fundraising platform like MaxGiving is a great all-in-one solution for your fundraising thermometer needs. Our integrated online Fundraising Thermometer helps you boost donations and engagement, so your fundraising event can be a smashing success! 

Using a fundraising thermometer is an easy and effective way to boost engagement, motivation, and results for your nonprofit’s fundraiser. With the right all-in-one fundraising event management platform, you can access a powerful fundraising thermometer that integrates with other essential tools and analytics. 

Things to keep in mind when setting up your fundraising thermometer

  • Set your fundraising goal amount.
  • Decide on the design of your thermometer — which color palette and style would be most effective? Try to choose colors that match your logo and website. (Note: With MaxGiving, your thermometer will automatically match the colors you select for your fundraising event site)
  • Make sure to share your site often to keep donors motivated and engaged! 
  • Track progress with analytics so you know what’s working best for your nonprofit fundraiser. 
  • Use the thermometer to communicate your progress and thank donors for their contributions.
  • Tell your donors exactly how their donation will help your cause. 

Using a fundraising thermometer to its full potential

For maximum impact, it’s essential to use your fundraising thermometer in your promotional materials. Place it on your website, include it in donation pages, share via email and social media, and make sure it is easily visible and noticeable. You should also keep supporters updated on the progress being made with regular updates and announcements. 

Fundraising thermometers are simple yet powerful fundraising event tools for nonprofits. They can help increase motivation and engagement amongst supporters, boost visibility for your organization, and provide real-time updates on donation progress. 

Use a fundraising event platform with an integrated goal thermometer like MaxGiving to get the most out of this powerful tool! Contact us to find out more about how we can help you meet your fundraising goals.

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