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MaxGiving provides vital tools for online fundraising events. Whether you are looking to raise money for a school, religious organization, hospital, arts program, social justice cause, or an organization with another mission, we have the powerful fundraising solution you've been looking for.

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MaxGiving is an easy-to-use, feature-rich fundraising event platform that enables organizations to plan, promote and manage their own fundraising events with user-friendly software. If you’re looking for help raising the money needed for your organization’s mission, start your free trial of MaxGiving today!


Schools and universities can benefit greatly from the features and services that MaxGiving provides. We make it simple to set up fundraising events, receive donations, and manage funds. Our secure platform ensures donors’ money is collected safely while at the same time providing detailed information about who donated and how much they gave.


MaxGiving makes it easy to plan and launch religious fundraising events. Our customizable donation site, secure payment processing tools, and comprehensive reporting features make it simple for organizations to fundraise for their mission. Our easy-to-use platform allows you to quickly set up your fundraising donation page and start collecting donations from anywhere.


MaxGiving provides powerful tools for medical facility and health fundraising events. Our secure donation page is quick and simple to set up, allowing donors to make donations instantly with a credit card or other payment method. Plus, with detailed reporting and financial tracking capabilities integrated into the software, you can stop stressing about fundraising details and focus on what really matters.


Whether you’re organizing a gallery opening, hosting a theater performance, or running an art auction, MaxGiving can help. Our platform includes everything you need to make fundraising events easy and hassle-free. From setting up the donation page to managing fundraising event details and tracking financials, we have all the features you need in one place.

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MaxGiving provides secure donation processing, powerful fundraising tools and detailed reporting features to make sure your fundraising event goes smoothly from start to finish. Our tools are designed to help organizations raise money for causes that truly matter, allowing you to generate the funds you need to make a difference.


Our platform makes it easy to set up, manage and track fundraising financials for nonprofits of every size and type. From humanitarian organizations to environmental and historical groups, we have the tools you need to make a change. With MaxGiving, you’ll be able to focus on what matters most — the people and causes you are fundraising for.

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