Changing lives — one donation at a time


MaxGiving provides an innovative approach for not only hospital, medical facility, and health foundation fundraising events but also individuals and organizations looking to raise funds through fundraising events to cover hospital medical bills and other healthcare expenses.

You have enough to worry about

You need fundraising event tools that put in the work

With a seamless all-in-one fundraising event management platform, users can manage donations, ticket sales, and registrations with ease. MaxGiving's hospital fundraiser platform is designed to make it easy for individuals and organizations to create a powerful hospital fundraising event quickly and efficiently.

Custom fundraising site

Design and seamless integration features make hospital fundraising through MaxGiving stand out from the crowd. Easily create a site that brings in donations quickly and efficiently through emotive images, videos, and stories. With your custom fundraising event site, you can also collect donations, sell tickets to your event, host a live or silent auction, and more.

Secure payment processing

MaxGiving's secure payment processing ensures medical donations are processed quickly and efficiently. Donors can easily make payments directly from their bank accounts, through a credit or debit card, or on their mobile devices through an online payment, allowing them to donate with confidence. Additionally, donors can set up recurring donations on a schedule that works for them. You can also set up anonymous donations to provide enhanced privacy for donors.

Online donation forms

MaxGiving also comes with detailed donation forms. Detailed donation forms allow organizations to customize their hospital fundraising event and track the progress of their campaign. Customizable fields, automatic thank-you emails, and progress reports make medical fundraising simpler to manage.

Analytics and reporting

The MaxGiving fundraising event software includes analytics and reporting to help users maximize donations and keep them organized. Organizations and individuals can track the progress of their medical fundraising in real-time and make improvements as needed.

Virtual, hybrid, and in-person support

MaxGiving offers support for virtual, hybrid, and in-person medical fundraising events. Whether you're hosting an online or a live fundraising event (or a mix of both), MaxGiving has a feature to fit your needs. With live streaming , online auctions, and more, you can run events that bring in donations quickly and efficiently — no matter the format.

Fundraising events

Fundraising events have never been easier to manage. With MaxGiving, hospital fundraisers, individuals, and organizations can create unique hospital fundraising events that bring in donations and supporters. Whether you're looking to raise funds for medical bills, construction, or hospital care equipment, MaxGiving makes it easy.

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