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If you are looking for the best fundraising event platforms for school and university fundraising, MaxGiving is the answer. Our software makes fundraising easy by providing secure and efficient fundraising solutions specifically tailored to the needs of educational institutions.

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You need a platform you can trust

From gathering donations to selling tickets to your fundraising event, our fundraising event platform can help your college or university reach its goals with greater efficiency and organization. With every donation tracked within our system, you’ll be able to get a better understanding of how well you’re engaging alumni, students, family, and wider community members in support of your school. Get started with MaxGiving today and bring fundraising success to your educational institution!

Management tools

Donor organization, donation tracking, and data management with MaxGiving make university fundraising easier than ever. With our intuitive dashboards and reporting, you can easily view past events and manage new ones with ease.

Fundraising events

Fundraising events, including virtual fundraising, auctions, galas, peer-to-peer fundraising, and more, offer a wide range of opportunities to engage alumni, students, and other members of the school or university community. MaxGiving provides all the tools necessary to set up and manage an effective fundraising event with ease.

Custom fundraising event website

MaxGiving’s fundraising events offer a custom fundraising event website that is easy to navigate and organized, with engaging visuals and content that you can customize to fit your needs. The website also offers a secure donation checkout page for maximum safety and trust from your university's donor base. Our custom event sites provide an easy-to-use platform to register participants, sell tickets to fundraising events, accept donations, and host a live or silent auction.

Guest services

MaxGiving’s fundraising event software also offers powerful guest services capabilities that make it easy to keep track of event attendees. Guests at your university fundraising event will love the user-friendly mobile check-in and donation options, and you’ll benefit from automated management tools that make event organization a breeze.

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