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Event Night Support

We want you to get the help you need! In addition to providing a platform that helps you manage numerous aspects of your nonprofit fundraising event, MaxGiving can also provide a very helpful array of event night services so that you can get the support you need when you need it.

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It’s your big event night

You don’t have time for things to go wrong

Need virtual or in-person event night support? How about help with virtual auctions and online donations? We can assist you with all of that. These services are available as an add-on, so additional costs do apply.

Virtual event night support

MaxGiving will provide you with a dedicated support rep to help eliminate your worry. We’ll give you a point person for virtual livestreams to handle their support questions and goals, which will eliminate the need to call our emergency support line. We'll provide virtual tech support and help you close items during your virtual event.

In-person event night support

Our add-on support services go a long way with your in-person events. From start to finish, we'll be there for you. We'll train your volunteers so they can be ready to use the MaxGiving platform on-site. On event night, we'll help you manage your check-ins and assist you with the close of the event. We'll also help you understand the automated reporting that our platform provides. Is your event in a state other than where our offices are located? It doesn't matter. If it's being held in North America, we can fly a rep out to you as long as you pay for their travel.

Other areas where we help

Need help with virtual auctions or online donations for your nonprofit organization? Your dedicated rep can assist you with those on event night to help ensure everything runs smoothly. Before event night, you can always reach out to us through email or chat, right from the MaxGiving platform. Be sure to check out our very helpful how-to guides, too.

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