A night to remember

Fundraising Galas

Galas are special events that bring in huge donations for nonprofits. However, planning fundraising galas can be an overwhelming task. You’ll need to coordinate many moving parts and stay organized. But with the right planning and the use of a good fundraising event platform, you can put together a night to remember!

You have a lot riding on this fundraising event

You need it to be incredible

MaxGiving provides an excellent fundraising event management platform for hosting your nonprofit fundraising gala. Our platform makes it easy to organize and manage your entire fundraising event, from ticket sales to auctions and everything in between.

Fundraising event page

Setting up your fundraising event page is simple with our software. With our customizable site template, you can adjust the look and feel of your fundraising event in just a few steps. You can also set up online ticketing, accept donations through our secure donation form, and manage guests — all in one place.

Live and silent auction management

With our fundraising event platform, you can quickly upload items up for auction, track bids in real time, and even adjust bidding settings during your event. Guests can even bid on items right from their phones during the gala.

Group ticket sales

Organizing group tickets is a snap with our fundraising event planning platform. You can easily set up ticket packages and discounts, track group sales, and manage attendee information. Guests can book tickets as a group and our software will automatically create seating arrangements to keep them at the same table.

Donation management and tracking

MaxGiving's software makes it easy to track donations and manage donor information. Our donation tracking feature allows you to easily categorize and track donations, while our comprehensive donor database lets you store donor details for later use.

Printable event resources

MaxGiving's fundraising event software provides printable event resources, such as seating cards, QR codes, and guest lists to help make setting up your in-person fundraising gala a breeze.

Guest services

Our fundraising event software provides a range of services for your guests. We offer on-site registration, mobile check-in, digital receipts, and more. With our software, you can make sure that your gala runs smoothly and that your guests have the best experience possible. You can also customize ticket options, allowing guests to choose their entree or make an extra donation when they checkout.

Fundraising event night support and equipment rentals

MaxGiving also offers fundraising event night support with our staff of experienced professionals. We can provide on-site support, equipment rentals, and technical assistance to ensure your gala runs without a hitch.

Virtual and hybrid features

MaxGiving's fundraising event platform also allows you to host virtual or hybrid gala events with ease. We provide all the software you need, including ticket sales, auctions, and donor tracking — all in one place. With our software, you can integrate online and in-person events smoothly during your gala.

Where Can I Promote My Fundraising Event?

Where Can I Promote My Fundraising Event?

There’s nothing worse than a fundraising event with empty seats in the room. After all, your nonprofit organization is taking on an expense and investing time into planning an event to support a worthy cause — it’s important to have