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Hybrid Fundraising Events

Hosting hybrid events with MaxGiving's fundraising event management platform is the perfect way to reach more potential donors! With its unified platform, you can easily switch from in-person to online components as needed, so you don't miss out on donations.

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MaxGiving Hybrid Fundraising

You have a diverse fundraising plan

You need one powerful multitool

MaxGiving's fundraising event platform makes it easy to create a hybrid fundraising event, with both in-person and online options. With our platform, you can easily manage your entire fundraising event, from registration to donations. And if you have any questions, we’re here to help every step of the way!

Live and online auction

With MaxGiving’s hybrid fundraising event platform, you can create a hybrid event that blends the traditional in-person auction event with an online experience. Utilize our live stream feature to include online guests in the live auction. Utilize our software to host a remote silent auction that in-person or virtual guests can participate in from their mobile devices.

MaxGiving Hybrid Fundraising Event
MaxGiving hybrid event fundraising platform

Fundraising event registration page

Easily create an online reservation page for your hybrid event. Our software lets you quickly set up a customized registration page with all the information about your hybrid event. You will be able to track reservations, manage registrations, and monitor sponsorships seamlessly.

Item sales

MaxGiving also makes it easy to sell items such as raffle tickets, donation packages, and merchandise through our platform. You can advertise and sell items online at registration or in-person at your fundraising event.

MaxGiving Hybrid Event Fundraising Platform
MaxGiving hybrid fundraising event platform

Donation management

MaxGiving offers a comprehensive donation management system. Our fundraising event software will help you manage and track donations easily. With our platform, you can easily set up donation forms and pages, process payments securely, and analyze donor data for future campaigns. Plus, the software will track each guest and automatically add their donations, so you don’t have to!

Where Can I Promote My Fundraising Event?

Where Can I Promote My Fundraising Event?

There’s nothing worse than a fundraising event with empty seats in the room. After all, your nonprofit organization is taking on an expense and investing time into planning an event to support a worthy cause — it’s important to have