Face-to-face fundraising

In-Person Fundraising Events

Transform fundraising at your in-person event with MaxGiving's comprehensive features. Our software supports fundraising event efforts with an easy-to-use system to track donations and guests and manage your event.

You know how to throw a great fundraising event

You need a software that can help you get it done

Guest management, ticketing, and auction services? Not a problem with our powerful fundraising event software. These services and more can help make your in-person event a huge success!

Auction and item management

MaxGiving's auction software has customizable features that enable you to make the most of your event. From setting up silent and live auctions, to pausing online bidding and enabling buy-now options, you have total control over your fundraising event with our powerful auction platform. You can also manage multiple quantities of items for sale, like raffle tickets and merchandise. Track inventory, offer online item sales, and record event night purchases through the admin dashboard.

Guest services

MaxGiving offers customized guest selections at ticket purchase, such as entrée and seating selection. Collecting this information ahead of time will help your fundraising event run smoothly. Our software also offers quick and easy guest check-in with the help of our QR code option. Guests can enter the fundraising event in no time, with all their information already stored on the platform.

Equipment rentals and support

If you're looking for extra equipment on event night — we've got you covered there too! Rent iPads or credit card terminals from MaxGiving to easily accept on-the-spot payments from donors who prefer to donate or pay for auction items in person. Our software comes with 24/7 customer support, so you always have help if you need it. Plus, if you need extra in-person support during your event, our add-on Event Night Experts can help with guest check-in and equipment setup.

Printable event resources

Sometimes, not everything can be digital. Our software automatically creates printable event resources like silent auction bid sheets, guest lists, item display sheets with QR codes, donation/sales worksheets, labels, and more.

Fundraising event website

MaxGiving offers a fundraising event website feature, so you can easily create and customize a place for people to donate or bid on silent auction items and purchase tickets to your event. This is also a great place to showcase your auction items and provide information about your fundraising event.

Where Can I Promote My Fundraising Event?

Where Can I Promote My Fundraising Event?

There’s nothing worse than a fundraising event with empty seats in the room. After all, your nonprofit organization is taking on an expense and investing time into planning an event to support a worthy cause — it’s important to have