Swinging for charity

Golf Tournaments

Golf tournament fundraising events are an excellent option for your nonprofit. These outdoor events provide an enjoyable experience for golfers, they’re inexpensive to run, and they bring in large donations from sponsors. However, planning and organizing golf tournaments can be time-consuming and confusing if you try to go at it alone. To make the process easier, many organizations are turning to our fundraising event software for help.

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It’s your day on the green

You need a hole-in-one

MaxGiving makes it easy for nonprofits to raise funds with our golf tournament fundraising event platform. From fundraising event management software to online donation platforms, we have everything you need to make your golf fundraiser a hole-in-one.

Customizable event page

Create a fully customizable event page with the click of a button! Easily add event details, brand colors, sponsorship highlights, auction items, and registration options. Our software will collect and organize guest details, donations, and any special requests.

Auction management

Keep track of your auction items in one convenient location. The MaxGiving auction software is a great resource if your charity golf tournament includes a live or silent auction. This feature allows you to track auction item donations, bids, and monitor the status of each item. You can even offer mobile bidding so that golfers can participate in the auction while they’re out on the green.

Item sales

MaxGiving doesn’t just offer cutting-edge auction software; we also have an easy-to-use item sales feature. Upload a picture, add item quantities, and add a description to your items. This is great for raffle tickets, golf shirts, branded golf balls, or other merchandise with multiples for sale.

Group registration

MaxGiving offers custom options for group ticketing options. With our software, you can allow guests to update their own reservation details and register for the golf fundraising event as a group. This is a great way for golfers to play the event as a team. You can even offer group discounts to encourage golfers to bring their friends. Set this up in just a few simple steps on our fundraising event software.

In-person donations

Easily accept and track in-person donations with MaxGiving. Connect donations to individual guests or add anonymous donations through the admin portal on MaxGiving. You can even rent iPads or credit card terminals from MaxGiving to collect these on-the-green donations with ease.

Offer mulligan purchase

Mulligans are a great way to increase charitable donations for your nonprofit golf tournament. With our software, you can give golfers the option to purchase a second chance to swing. Mulligans give golfers an extra swing without adding points to their scorecard. You can set a custom price and offer mulligans at registration.

Track sponsorship

Offering sponsors the option to sponsor a hole is a great way to increase your golf tournament donations. Use our fundraising event software to provide sponsors with the option to choose a hole when they donate. Easily access and print the sponsorship information on your MaxGiving portal to create appropriate signage for each hole.

Sell drink tickets

Take advantage of the powerful MaxGiving fundraising event software by selling drink tickets during registration on your event site. Golfers can select and pay for their beverage of choice ahead of time. That way, when they’re sweating over hole #7, they can enjoy a refreshing drink without any hassle. Our fundraising event platform catalogs the request of each golfer into a printable spreadsheet that you can share with the beverage attendant at your event.

Where Can I Promote My Fundraising Event?

Where Can I Promote My Fundraising Event?

There’s nothing worse than a fundraising event with empty seats in the room. After all, your nonprofit organization is taking on an expense and investing time into planning an event to support a worthy cause — it’s important to have