Tech when you need it

Equipment Rentals

At MaxGiving, we don’t just provide superior event management software. We can also rent you a credit card terminal to use for processing payments and donations at your event, regardless of whether you’ve signed up for our software.

You want a smooth event night

You need dependable technology

Too many months of planning have gone into your event to have technical difficulties ruin your fundraising night. That’s why we offer credit card terminals, iPads, and WiFi extenders for rent to help you avoid those disastrous moments.

Credit card terminals

We provide a variety of Magtek credit terminal-based processing solutions for rent. That way, you don’t have to purchase a credit card reader for an annual event that just ends up sitting around all year. These card readers can connect to your laptop with a provided USB cable, making setup a cinch.


Whether you have high-speed LAN cables, wireless internet access, or dial-up at your event, our low-cost rentals can give you the point of sale (POS) system you need for payment processing and accepting donations. Don’t have working internet access or phone lines available at your nonprofit fundraising event location? No worries! Our wireless broadband terminals can still get you connected.

All-day batteries

Are you concerned about not having your credit card terminal close enough to a wall outlet? Our all-in-one terminals have enough battery power to last all day.

Easy returns

We’ll include a prepaid shipping label so you can return your system once the event is completed.

Apple iPads

Need more devices for using our event management software? We offer Apple iPads for rent. Use our web-based software app to give you the portability you need for moving around your event. Using an iPad is a simple solution for managing kiosk bidding and raffle tickets. And you can use an iPad for processing credit card payments, too.

WiFi devices

If you need to increase or extend the WiFi signal at your event venue, we’ve got you covered! Our Ruckus WiFi devices will help you accommodate more bidders at once.

Need technical support for using your rented devices? We offer that, too! We’re here to help prevent technical difficulties from disrupting your event night.

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