Furry Friends: Fundraising Ideas for Animal Rescue

Furry Friends: Fundraising Ideas for Animal Rescue

Animal shelters are so important because they take care of animals that have been abandoned or neglected. They also provide homes for animals that are living on the street. They help those who can’t help themselves.

Fundraising is a necessary part of keeping an animal shelter running because without adequate funding, shelters wouldn’t be able to care for all the animals that need help. Raising funds for animal shelters is no easy task, but these creative fundraising ideas will help give our furry friends a paw up!

Host a fundraising car wash

High schools and local youth organizations can host a car wash to raise funds for the local animal shelter. Be sure to have enough supplies and volunteers. Gather up all the hoses, buckets, sponges, and soap that you need for a great car wash. Reach out to your local grocery store or auto shop for donations, if needed. Have plenty of helpers on hand to keep everything running smoothly.

Don’t forget to get the word out on social media, too!

Make the event a fun one. Have music playing, set up a refreshment stand, and ensure the people participating know that their donations will help animals in need.

Have a community yard sale

People love rummaging through items at yard sales. Ask community members and local businesses to donate their gently used items for a yard sale to benefit an animal shelter. Make sure to advertise the event in advance, so people know what it’s for and how to get involved.

Set up tables, and be sure to have a cashbox and plenty of change. Have volunteers to help price items, answer questions, and assist customers with their purchases.

At the end of the day, donate any unsold items to local shelters, thrift stores, or homeless shelters. You’ll be helping out your local community and raising funds for the animal shelter. A win-win!

Partner with local businesses

Partner with a local restaurant or grocery store and encourage them to donate a portion of their proceeds from a certain day to your animal shelter fundraiser. Get the restaurant on board with a fun, animal-themed event like a Doggy Date Night. Host an evening at your restaurant featuring doggy-themed menu items. Invite customers to bring their canine companions for an all-inclusive pup-friendly evening with special doggy treats and outdoor seating. 

Partnering with local businesses is a great way to get people in your community involved and show them that their purchases can go towards helping animals in need. This could be a recurring event, encouraging customers to come back again and again for the same cause.

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Raise money with a dog wash

Host a dog-washing event and encourage pet owners to donate the cost of the wash to your local animal rescue or humane society. Have a few large tubs and plenty of dog shampoo and towels on hand. Invite friends, family, and other animal lovers to help out.

Request donations from pet food companies or local businesses for supplies like towels or treats for customers’ dogs. Set up a refreshment stand to make it even more fun. Offer exclusive items like bandanas or pet toys to incentivize bigger donations.

Host a dog-walking fundraiser

Lead organized dog walks around town, where participants can make donations to support their furry friends. Make sure every dog is up to date with their vaccinations, and be sure to set a fundraising goal beforehand.

Invite people in your community to join, and post about the event online. Make sure to link to your nonprofit fundraising page so that supporters can easily donate and get information about the event. Ask local businesses or pet food companies to donate treats, leashes, water bottles, or other items. Make sure you have enough volunteers on hand to help keep track of the dogs and ensure their safety.

At the end of the dog walk, offer a raffle or auction with items donated from local businesses to encourage more people to donate. MaxGiving’s powerful auction tracker is a great tool to help you run your auction — keeping you organized and focused on what really matters!

Have a bake sale

Bake sales are an easy, fun way to raise funds for your animal shelter. Ask local businesses and community members to donate baked goods — they don’t need to be homemade! Set up a table outside a store or in a public space, have plenty of change on hand, and advertise the event in advance.

Sell items like dog-themed cupcakes and cookies, or have a “pick your own” section where people can buy as many baked goods as they want for a set price. Make sure to offer plenty of animal-friendly baked goods so that people can bring their pets and get them a treat! You could even invite local crafters and artisans with animal-themed products to join in and set up a booth! 

Get the local high school involved

Ask a local high school if they would be interested in hosting a fundraiser for your animal shelter. This could include anything from a bake sale to a raffle. Have a committee of students come up with ideas, set goals, and handle the organization.

The school could also host pet adoption days or awareness campaigns to help spread the word about animal rescue in the community. Encourage students to advertise on social media and post flyers around town to get people excited about their upcoming event.

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Put on a pet photoshoot

Host a pet photoshoot and donate a portion of the proceeds to your animal shelter fundraiser. Invite pet owners to bring their furry friends along for photos with a professional photographer, or have volunteers take the photos and upload them online. Pet owners will love having professional pictures of them and their pets. 

Make sure you have props like hats, scarves, and sunglasses, to make the photoshoot even better. Offer exclusive items like photo albums or pet-themed merchandise in exchange for larger donations. Have volunteers help with everything from setting up the props to taking and uploading photos so your event runs smoothly.

Host a “sponsor a pet” program

Start by selecting a few pets from the local animal shelter who could use extra love and attention. Advertise their stories online or in your local community to encourage people to sponsor them. Give potential sponsors all the information they need about each pet, including why they need sponsorship and what kind of home environment would be best for them.

Set a fundraising goal for the program and advertise it clearly. Recruit volunteers to help organize the event, from taking photos of each pet to updating their information online.

Fundraising is always a rewarding experience; there’s an even bigger “aww” factor when raising funds to provide for precious animals who need a home. Get creative and have fun! With some planning and creativity, any of these ideas could be successful ways to raise money and support animals in need. 

Learn more about how MaxGiving can help maximize your donations and keep your fundraiser organized at MaxGiving.com.

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