Unlimited potential

Annual Fundraising

If your nonprofit is looking for a fundraising software to help you host unlimited fundraising events, then look no further! With our online platform, you can keep event information organized, process donations, and promote your event quickly and easily.

You have a packed fundraising event schedule

You need extensive support

Looking to host many annual fundraising events? With our unlimited fundraising event software, you can easily create and manage as many events as you want. Our popular Annual Fundraising plan has all of the amazing features of our other plans — without any event caps. Get started today and raise more funds for your cause than ever before!

Event compliance and reporting

With our fundraising event software, you can be assured that your event will comply with all tax laws and regulations. We ensure that all donations are collected and documented correctly, giving you the peace of mind that your event is run in a safe and secure manner. Get started today and make sure your fundraising event meets the highest standards!

Tech support and event services

When you use our fundraising event platform, don't forget to take advantage of the tech support and event night services that are available. Our team has years of experience helping organizations host successful fundraising events, and they can help you set up your event and handle any challenges or issues that arise during your event. Whether you need help with donation page set up help or event night services, we've got you covered!

Fundraising event page

When you use our fundraising event software, you can create a beautiful event page with your own unique URL and branding in just a few clicks. Host an auction, accept donations, sell tickets, and more with your custom fundraiser page through MaxGiving. Plus, with the unlimited Annual Fundraising Plan, you can create as many event pages as you need throughout the year.

Ticket and sponsorship sales

With our Annual Fundraising software plan, you can easily sell event tickets and sponsorships through your fundraising event page. Easily create event tiers with different prices, add event details and images, and offer custom ticket discounts and promo codes.

Unlimited auction events

With our fundraising event software, you can easily create unlimited event auctions and keep track of every item in a simple dashboard. Whether you're hosting a silent auction, live auction, or an online event, our fundraising event platform will give you the tools to make sure your event is a success.

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5 Trends for Higher Education Fundraising That You Need To Be Aware Of

Fundraising is an essential part of running a successful college or university. It provides the resources necessary to sustain and bring improvement to educational programs, fund construction projects, and support students and faculty. In recent years, fundraising has become increasingly