Don’t limit your donations

Donation Portal

The MaxGiving platform provides year-round giving by giving your nonprofit fundraising campaign a portal to capture donations that are not solely tied to a single event.

Your cause matters

You need continuing support

MaxGiving’s software allows you to set up your event’s donation page with our easy-to-use tools. We’ll help boost your fundraising by making it simple for donors to give multiple times of year and set up recurring donations.

What donors will see

Your donors will see a clean, concise donation page that makes it simple for them to donate.

Preset and custom donation amounts

The donation page provides preset donation amounts, as well as a field for entering in a custom amount. You can also allow your guests to apply their donation to a specific fund.

Recurring donations and donor recognition

You can toggle recurring donations on, allowing guests to specify a one-time, quarterly, or monthly donation. Your guests can choose to donate under their name, anonymously, or behalf of a company, family member, or other group or individual.

Goal thermometer and matching gifts

The goal thermometer will show them how close the fundraiser is to meeting — or exceeding — its goal. This will create a lot of excitement for your guests and your staff. If you have the Matching Gift option enabled, donors will be able to see what level the matched giving is at.

Donation history and top donor badge

As your guests donate to your cause, you’ll see their names show up in a History log. The current top donor’s name and amount will be pinned to the top of the list, along with a Top Donor badge, which helps create healthy competition among the donors.

What you’ll see

On the MaxGiving platform’s Dashboard, you’ll be able to customize all of the features above, including creating a guest-facing name for your Donation Portal and writing them an appeal that can include images or videos.

Printing and reporting

On the Dashboard, you’ll be able to see a detailed list of all the donations, print donation pledge worksheets, and view and download donation reporting.

Shareable URL

Your MaxGiving event site will have a unique URL with your organization’s name in it, making it easy to share on your channels. You can also share a direct link to your donation page. Having a powerful, cloud based online donation platform is key to creating a frustration-free experience for your donors. Raise more money by making it easier to accept donations, see donor data, receive recurring donations, and boost your overall fundraising efforts.

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